Standard Operating Procedure

Wire Crew Installation Requests


The purpose of this Standard Operating Procedure is to provide guidelines and procedures for University staff and faculty when requesting cable installations.


The wiring crew unit of Network Services provides cable installation services for the university at large. The types of services provided are the installation of Ethernet cable, Fiber Optic cable, Video cable, Audio cable, relocation of existing cables, and termination and testing of cables.


Customers requesting services from the Wire Crew must open a call with the Help Desk call logging system. In most cases, no costs will be incurred by the department, but in some special situations a charge for cabling will be charged to the requesting department. The only form of payment accepted is an Inter Departmental Transfer (IDT). The requester must provide a designated University account before work can be started, or required material can be ordered by the department and delivered directly to the wire crew. In this case, a bill of materials (BOM) will be provided by the wire crew.


It is the responsibility of the requester to follow the procedure listed in the following section of this document.


  1. Customer calls 2020 and opens a heat call.
  2. Client describes in detail what services are being requested from the wire crew.
  3. If the call fits the wire pull criteria, a call will be opened and assigned to network wiring.
  4. Customer will be given a heat call number.
  5. Wire crew manager receives the call and makes a preliminary assessment of the call.
  6. Wire crew manager or a Network Services technician will set up an on-site walk through with the customer.
  7. In some instances, the work being requested cannot be done by the wire crew.  In such cases, the customer is referred to the Physical Plant.
  8. During walk through it is determined if any cost will be incurred or if the work needs to be completed by Physical Plant
  9. Installation date is scheduled with client
  10. Required tools and materials are procured
  11. Cables are run, terminated, and tested
  12. Supervisor confirms all work was completed correctly. This may require a second walk through with client.
  13. Heat call is closed


Log onto or call Help Desk at 381-2020 (2020 from on campus phones) to log in calls or for more information. Call wire crew manger at 381-3300 for any questions regarding cable installations.


Materials Management - Department that handles the procurement of goods and services for the University.

Help Desk – An area of Academic Services where trouble tickets called heat calls are opened, logged and assigned.

Heat Call – trouble ticket opened when a customer calls the Help Desk at 318-2020. It contains all relevant information required to complete work being requested.

Inter Departmental Transfer (IDT) – Transactions done in Oracle ERP system where funds are transferred from a department who receives services to a department who provides services.

Bill of Materials (BOM) – A list of all items/materials needed to complete a cable run. This consists of but is not limited to cable, connectors, face plates, and modules.

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