Standard Operating Procedure

Troubleshoot Wireless Coverage


The purpose of this procedure is to aid Academic Services and UTPA Embedded technicians with troubleshooting wireless coverage.


This is intended to provide a procedure that will result in an on-going assessment of wireless coverage on the UTPA campus and its satellite campuses


Network services will need a formal request from Academic Services or UTPA Embedded technicians regarding possible wireless coverage holes on the UTPA campus and its satellite campuses.


Network Services will respond to the location described in the formal request and identify if a wireless coverage hole exists. Where a coverage hole is found, Network Services will attempt to reconfigure the current wireless access points to provide coverage in the affected area. In some cases, Network Services will need to place a new access point in the affected area to provide the coverage.


" Receive request from Academic Services regarding affected area. Network Services surveys the affected area. Results of the survey will be analyzed and any necessary configuration changes will be taken to alleviate wireless coverage hole. If the reconfiguration of current wireless equipment is not adequate, Network Services will install a new access point to better serve the affected area. "




  • Academic Services – UTPA Academic Services Personnel
  • Embedded Technicians – UTPA technicians from other UTPA Divisions or UTPA Colleges
  • Network Services- UTPA Network Services Personnel
  • Access point – a wireless access point managed by the UTPA Unified
  • Wireless Network

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