Standard Operating Procedure



The purpose of this procedure is to aid Academic Services and UTPA Embedded technicians in troubleshooting wireless client issues.


This is intended to provide a procedure that will result in successfully troubleshooting a wireless network node.


Network services will need a formal request from Academic Services or an embedded technician requesting help in troubleshooting a wireless client. It is presumed that Academic Services or the embedded technician has exhausted all client procedures that may inhibit a wireless client to connect to the UTPA wireless LAN. After all troubleshooting methods have been exhausted, Network Services will need a MAC address, location of affected WLAN client and any other pertinent information regarding the wireless client.


Network Services will be troubleshooting any issues with the help of Academic Services and/or UTPA embedded technicians. Network services will aid technicians in narrowing down any issues regarding client. It is not the responsibility of Network Services to resolve the issue, but to aid in resolving the problem. Client software configuration and hardware support will not be handled by Network Services.


  1. Receive request from Academic Services and/or embedded technicians.
  2. Academic Services and/or embedded technicians will provide the MAC address of the wireless client.
  3. Network Services will troubleshoot the wireless network node using the MAC address.
  4. Network Services will provide information to technicians during the troubleshooting process.
  5. In cases where the client machines will not function on the UTPA wireless LAN due to wireless client issues, Academic Computing and/or embedded technicians will be advised of issues common only to the specific wireless node.
  6. Network Services will advise that resolution or non-resolution has been established. In cases where no resolution has been found, Network Services will advise Academic Computing and/or embedded technicians that this wireless node will not connect.




Academic Services – UTPA Academic Services Personnel
Embedded Technicians – UTPA technicians from other UTPA Divisions or UTPA Colleges
Network Services- UTPA Network Services Personnel
Wireless Node – Laptop, PDA, Computer using the UTPA wireless network
MAC – Network Interface Card burned in physical address

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