Standard Operating Procedure

Static IP Request


Describe the process and information required for requesting a static IP address from the Network Services Department.


For staff who configure and install network connected devices that cannot use the standard DHCP automatic configuration service provided by the University.


Understanding of how to configure and test the device that requires a static IP address; Knowledge of the physical location, MAC address, and description of the device requiring a static IP address


The Network Services Department is responsible for maintaining the Universities campus wide IP address space including both static and dynamic assignments. Preference will be given to issuing IP reservations within the requester's building DHCP IP scope rather than manually assigning a static IP address.


  1. Obtain the MAC address of the network interface on the device that requires a static IP address.
  2. Obtain the physical location where the device will be located – including the building and room number.
  3. Contact Network Services Department or the Helpdesk to request a static IP assignment providing the information obtained earlier.


General help desk procedures


  • IP acronym for Internet Protocol
  • IT acronym for the UTPA Information Technology division
  • DHCP acronym for the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol network service
  • MAC acronym for Media Access Control which describes the layer-2 Ethernet hardware address used by all devices that connect to an Ethernet network such as that maintained by UTPA

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