Standard Operating Procedure

Requests to Track Down PC on Campus


Describe the process for UTPA Police Department requests to track down network connected devices at the University of Texas – Pan American.


Provide technical support to the UTPA Police Department in the identification of campus PC's as part of on-going investigations whether local or external.


Official UTPA Police Department request for assistance. This may come via telephone or e-mail request. Coordination with the Information Security Office as requests are typically directed to them first. PC information such as IP address, MAC address, user name, plus any other relevant information that will assist us in the identification and localization of PC.


"Police Department assistant chief and/or investigator. Responsible for making request to Information Security Office and/or Network Services Department. CISO and/or ISO. Responsible for coordinating search and making specific requests to Network Services Department. Responsible for coordinating with Police Department. Network Services Department staff. Depending upon nature of request, appropriate Network Services Department staff will be assigned to research and provide information requested by Police Department (if found) through the Information Security Office."


  1. UTPA Police Department request for assistance in tracking down campus PC.
  2. Information Security Office coordination with Network Services Department foracquisition of information requested.
  3. Information provided to Police Department via Information Security Office.


Information Security Office's Standard Operating Procedures
Network Services Department Standard Operating Procedures


"IP Address – Internet Protocol address assigned to PC's to access the Internet. MAC Address – Physical, unique address on network adapters installed on PC's and other network capable devices. Username – Unique identifier assigned to system users for access to network resources. CISO – Chief Information Security Officer, Information Security Office Director/Manager. ISO – Information Security Office or Officer. PC – Personal Computer."

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