Standard Operating Procedure

Hiring a Lab Attendant


This SOP is for the purpose of hiring a lab attendant and to ensure that all paperwork for interviewing, hiring and scheduling of their work hours is in order.


For the Academic Computing Labs


Lab Attendant Job Application.


Anyone who will be hiring Lab Attendants


All applicants must fill out an application to be interviewed for the position of lab Attendant. The application can be found on our web site at

The form can either be submitted online or turned into the ACL ffice in the Academic Service Building room number 2.162. Submitting the form online gets sent as an email to the ACL office, email address

An interview between the applicant and the ACL Supervisor will be arranged. During this time questions will be asked to determine if the person is both capable of performing the job and filling the times needed.

If hired a memo of employment is made.
If the person is direct wage then a direct wage memo is made with a date of 10 days of advance notice for HR to process the paper work.

If the person is a work study then Financial Aid creates a memo on our behalf. There are three ways of notifying Financial Aid of a Work Study employee.

  1. If employee has worked for us last semester, then fill out a retuning Work Study form which you can get from the Financial Aid web site.
  2. E-mail the Work Study coordinator.
  3. Log on to the Work Study web site as an employer, and using the applicants ID #, fill out the Work Study form then send it the Work Study office. They will in turn send us the Memo for employment to be signed by the supervisor and the funds controller of the department.

Once the Memo is made and signed, a copy is made for filing to be kept in the applicants work folder and the original sent to HR.
The applicant must also fill out the Criminal Background Check form which will be sent to Human Resources.
Once the CBC comes back clear and HR informs us that the employee is ready to work, a work schedule is made and the employee gets called in for training.

The employee gets a tour of our facilities and gets introduced to all the Supervisors and Lab Proctors. An ID Badge is made for them, and arrangements for them to attend the next available Sexual Harassment Seminar are made.


List resources that may be useful when performing the procedure; for example, government standards and other SOPs.


Identify and define frequently used terms. Provide additional and/or relevant information needed to understand this SOP.

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