Standard Operating Procedure

Fiber Optic Cable Services


Request for fiber optic cable services. Services can include consultation, installation, maintenance, and repair by the Network Services Department. Services can be provided on both the University of Texas – Pan American main campus or one of the Universities growing list of off-campus locations.


Request for fiber optic services include all aspects of fiber optic cable utilization by departments under the auspices of the University of Texas – Pan American and associated agencies.


No specific prerequisites are required. General description of fiber optic needs would be helpful.


Requests for fiber optic cable services should be first directed to the Help Desk. Specific reference should be conveyed to the Help Desk as to the nature of the fiber optic requirements. Following Help Desk reference, a service call is to be generated and assigned to the fiber optic specialist on duty.


1. After a Service Call is issued, the Fiber Optic Specialist will contact relevant sources to determine scope of services to be provided. This may include request for additional or detailed information regarding type of fiber optic cable to be employed, research to be conducted to determine best practice or standard requirements and procedures to be followed. Examples:
  1. Map out current fiber deployment and assignment of currently installed fiber.
  2. Provide the steps required to perform this procedure.
  3. Determine the nature of the needed services including pricing for installation of new fiber and creation of Action Plan for complying with fiber optic needs.


Maps of currently deployed fiber optic cable.
Inventory of fiber optic supplies and products.
Equipment currently available for installation and/or fiber optic testing.
List of vendors that supply fiber optic cable and supplies.
Computer applications for design and material list preparation.


Fiber Optic Cable - Data transmission media employing silica glass and devices that transform electrical signaling into light pulses for the error free transmission of high speed data over medium to large geographical distances.

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