Standard Operating Procedure

Web site Maintenance Request


The goal of this procedure is to provide the steps necessary for a “Web Site Maintenance” request process


This procedure is intended for all current staff members of Internet Services.


A valid and active UTPA account must be in existence (in order to be able to access the University resources).


Internet Services team members


  1. When initial service request is received via the ticketing system, the team member who is on call for Webhelp will respond to the request.
  2. The team member will check the website permissions to ensure the user requesting the change has access to edit the website which makes the person an authorized user to request the change.
    • If the person does not have access then the change request will not be completed unless submitted by an authorized user.
    • If the request is from a user authorized to make the change then the team member will respond to the customer that the request has been received and clarify any questions about the change.
  3. The team member will complete the requested change and inform the customer to ensure that the changes are accurate.
  4. Once the changes are confirmed to be accurate the request is marked complete and the ticket closed by the team member.
  5. If we need to back out of the change, the version control system will be used to roll back to the previous version of the website.




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