Standard Operating Procedure

Creating Lab Attendant Schedule


Creating a Lab Attendant Schedule


For The Academic Computing Labs


The Lab Attendants School Schedule


ACL Scheduling Office


All Lab Attendants must turn in a school schedule to the ACL office. Any other reasons for times they can’t work must also be submitted at this time, for example another Job or personal event.
Work schedules created in the order received. First come first served.

  • The hours cannot over lap a student’s school schedule.
  • The minimum hours worked consecutively will be two hours
  • The maximum hours worked consecutively will be six hours.
  • The maximum hours worked for the week will be seventeen hours.
  • Night shifts are a priority. ny lab that is open after 5 PM must be filled first.

In the boundary labs lab attendants will be scheduled to relieve the lab proctor during their lunch and when they are in class. Lunch hours are between 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM
In the ASB labs lab attendants can be scheduled all day.



Lab attendant-work study or direct wage employee that assists in the lab operations such as enforcing computer labs policies and rules, referring customers to the Scheduling Office for software requests and lab reservations for classes, and assisting the lab proctor with ensuring the work area is clean and neat.

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