Standard Operating Procedure

Request a New Web Site


The goal of this procedure is to provide the steps necessary for the “Request A New Web Site” process.


This procedure is intended for all current staff members of Internet Services.


A valid and active UTPA account must be in existence (in order to be able to access the University resources).


Internet Services team members


  1. When initial request is received via e-mail, the team member who is on call for Webhelp will respond to the request. The team member will ask the customer to forward a Web Services Request Form to begin processing the request. Refer customer to the central Forms page.
  2. When the customer completes and submits the Web Services Request Form to the Director, the Director will assign the new web site to a team member, most times the person who had the initial contact.
  3. Team member will review the Web Services Request Form for the specifications and for special instructions.
    • If the project number and/or project manager signature is missing or any other signatures are missing, contact Customer to fill out all the required fileds and resend the form. This serves as documentation that the project has the approval of the Project Manager.
    • If all signatures are included and all required information is complete, the team member will then contact the Customer and ask to meet to discuss the new web site in detail.
  4. At the time of the initial meeting, the team member will give standard guidelines and timeline for project. The assigned team member will be in contact with the Customer for content, data, pictures and documents provided by the Customer/department requesting the web site.
  5. The team member will schedule the new project into his/her current projects list and will notify the Customer when the new web site will be the next target project.
  6. When team member is ready to begin the new project, procedure for “Create Website in CMS” will follow.




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