Q:What are some things I need to be aware of regarding the prefix change to 665?
Q: Can we request that a recording be placed on our old numbers letting callers know that the number has been changed?
A: Yes you can, but there is a charge from AT&T for this service. You can call Telephone Services at 665-7155 for more information, or to make a request for this service.

Q: What is a telephone prefix?
A: A telephone prefix is the first set of digits of a telephone number. [ (AAA) PPP-XXXX in this example PPP represents the prefix number. ]

Q: What is the new prefix?
A: The new prefix is 665, so if your telephone extension is 2011 then your full telephone number will be 956-665-2011.

Q: Is my phone extension affected?
A: If your phone extension starts with (956)292-, 316-, 318-, 380-, 381-, 384-, or 388- your new phone number will be (956)665-(current extension).

Q: Is my fax number also affected?
A: If it currently has one of the above old prefixes, yes it now also starts with (965)665-.

Q: When will the new prefix be effective? When will the old prefixes be turned off?
A: The prefix is turned on and available today. During the transition period calls can be completed to campus using both the old and new prefix. On May 1, 2011 the old prefixes will be turned off and only calls using the new 665 prefix will get through.

Q: When should I start using the new 665 prefix when dialing campus?
A: You should start using it immediately. You should also tell anyone who regularly calls you from off of campus to use the 665 prefix.

Q: Do I need to throw away business cards and stationary with the old phone numbers?
A: No, the old phone numbers will work until May 1, 2011 and all old supplies should be used up before ordering new supplies. At the time new supplies are needed the new phone number should be used.

Q: Will my telephone extension change?
A: No, your telephone extension will remain the same.

Q: Will phone calls between extensions on campus be affected?
A: No, campus phone to campus phone dialing will remain the same using the 4 digit extension.

Q: Will this new prefix help stop calls from people looking for the Hidalgo County Court House in Edinburg?
A: UTPA is the sole assignee for this new prefix. This should help reduce the number of misdialed calls to UTPA.

Q: Is there anything I should be doing during the transition?
A: Yes there are several things you should do,
  • Update the phone number in your email signature
  • Begin using the 665 prefix immediately to get accustomed to the change.
  • Continue to use any current stationary, business cards or collateral materials with the old prefixes until May 1, 2011. Reorders should use the new 665 prefix.
  • Start using the 665 prefix on all new printed and promotional materials being produced by departments and divisions.
  • Use the proper University phone number format of (956) 665-xxxx, which replaces the old format of 956/381-xxxx.
  • I.T. will be updating the phone directories in the near future, but if you would like to update your phone number before then you can do so online at

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