Where are the wireless printers located on campus?
Wireless Printer Locations
Academic Services ACSB 1st floor – Next to the IT Service Desk
ACSB 1st floor – Civil Engineering outside ASB 1.217
ACSB 2nd floor – Area outside the elevator
ACSB 2.112 – Learning Studio
Arts and Humanities ARHU 1st floor – At the Art Exhibition Lobby
Business Administration BUSA 212 – Study Room
Education Complex EDUC 3rd floor – Above COLTT
Engineering ENGR 1.214 – Study Room
Health Sciences and Human Services West HSHW 1.262 – Student Lounge
Library LIBR 1st floor – Inside Jazzman’s Cafe
LIBR 3rd floor – Entrance to Lounge Area
Mathematics and General Classrooms MAGC 1.106 – Student Lounge
McAllen Teaching Site MTS 1.113 – Inside Computer Lab
Social and Behavioral Science SBSC 2nd floor – Across the elevator
Science SCNE 1st floor – Across Sandella’s Cafe
Student Union STUN 1st floor – Next to the reception desk
University Center UCTR 1st floor – Lobby Area
Visual Arts Building VABL Bldg. – Across from Student Lounge (VABL 1.119)

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