How can I reduce my printing use?
  • Proofread what you are about to print, so you won't need to reprint because of typos.
  • Always print preview your work before submitting it to print.
  • Only print the pages needed. You can specify which pages to print in the page-range area of the print window.
  • Use single or 1½ spacing instead of double spacing, and reduce the page margins.
  • Avoid printing email messages & web pages directly from the internet. Copy and paste the text you need into a Word document.
  • Send and save documents electronically instead of printing out hard copies.
  • If you are printing a PowerPoint presentation print it in outline view.
  • Use campus copiers to make multiple copies of a document.
  • Duplexing is possible on many campus printers and photocopiers. It only takes a few extra seconds to get two to four pages printed on one piece of paper

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