What are the general rules and policies in the Computer Labs?

General Lab Rules and Policies:

University ID
Always carry your valid University ID card when using the computer labs. You may be asked to show your ID at any time; failure to present valid identification is grounds for removal from the computer labs.

No food or drinks will be permitted in any computer lab.

Viewing Sexually-Explicit Materials
Viewing sexually-explicit graphics or pictures in the computer labs is considered a sexual harassment issue and is prohibited under UTPA Handbook of Operating procedures - Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy. Do not use lab computers to display or print such graphics. Violaton of this rule may be subject to disciplinary action including revocation of all computer lab privileges. If viewing of such images is necessary as part of your school work, contact the computer lab supervisor located at ACSB 2.162 during regular hours of Mon-Fri from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. and provisions will be made to accomodate the request.

Lab Attendant Role
Computer lab attendants cannot assist students with homework assignments. Lab attendants will not make keyboard entries for student users or perform tasks and homework assigned by instructors, including but not limited to, interpretation of homework. Lab attendants are allowed to assist with normal computer and printer usage problems. Lab attendants will not make keyboard entries for student users, or perform tasks and homework assigned by instructors, including, but not limited interpretation of homework.

Anything that is part of the computing experience; software, pictures, text, sound files may be protected by copyright law. Please ensure that your account usage complies with all applicable laws. Violators of this rule will be subject to disciplinary action including revocation of computer lab privileges, as well as applicable civil and criminal penalties under U.S. Copyright Law.

Lab Software
Only authorized lab personnel may make Software installation, setups, modifications, or deletions on hard drive systems. If you believe changes are needed, contact our office at (956) 665-5343.

Users are expected to behave in a manner commensurate with a university study environment. Keep talking to a minimum to show courtesy to other students. Group work is not recommended in the labs. The Learning Studio located in ACSB 2.112 is available for study groups. Headsets are to be used at all times when listening to music, watching videos or playing computer games. Cell phone use is not permitted in the computer lab. If a student needs to take or make a call, please step out of the computer lab to do so.

Shirt and Shoes
Visitors are required to wear appropriate clothing at all times while in the building.

Internet Usage
IT staff reserve the right to request a computer being used for personal use such as a student surfing the net, on Facebook, Twitter, gaming etc. to ensure computer lab availability for academic purposes.

Locking Console not Allowed
Under no circumstances will a user be allowed to lock a machine and leave the room. If this occurs, the lab attendant will log off the user from the computer, and the user may be subject to disciplinary action including curtailment or revocation of lab privileges. Password sharing is not allowed at any time. Your account is issued for your individual use only. Password sharing is in direct violation of computer labs and university guidelines and will result in revocation of lab privileges.

Failure to Comply
If anyone refuses to comply with the established policies, that person will be asked to leave the building or campus. If the individual refuses to leave the building or campus, the police will be called and that person will be escorted out of the building or campus.

We are not responsible for any lost, misplaced or stolen items.
We are not responsible for any lost or damaged disks, files, or data.
Computers may shut down, freeze or stall so be sure to save your data often.
Lab Attendants, Proctors or Computer Lab Supervisors bear no responsibility for lost or damaged information if they attempt to remove a virus from your files.

Cameras installed in the Computer Labs are for surveillance purposes only. Any request to view surveillance footage due to lost or stolen items needs to go through UTPA Campus Police.

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