How do I request software to be installed in the Computer Labs?
Software installation requests can be made by visitng Under IT Help Desk =>Select Submit a helpform=> Self Service Portal => Log on using UTPA credentials=>Select Software Request Forms.

It is the responsibility of the requester to provide us with the End-User License Agreement (EULA) & Support and software media.

EULA & Support: Support includes licensing type (server based, client based, or software/hardware key) and any other pertinent information. EULA includes the documentation that clearly states how many seats and the duration the software is authorized to be installed. These are the sole responsibility of the requester. Note: We will not install software without appropriate proof of license.

Software Media:
  • Media includes software documentation pertinent to installation. This includes manuals, service packs, updates and software support information. The media would also include the actual software itself (CD, DVD or digital downloads).
  • The department requesting the software installation must be prepared to provide duplicates of the following: software installation media, a paper copy of "proof of licenses", and installation instructions. It is the department's responsibility to provide a duplicate of the installation media. We may choose to keep these duplicates for internal record-keeping purposes only; therefore, the department should keep ALL original media and paperwork on file.
  • Only fully-functional "retail" or free versions of software will be installed. Evaluation or beta version of software will not be installed. Shareware is acceptable only with proof of ownership.
  • Software that results in security vulnerabilities or system conflicts on the computer image will not be installed.

Instructors must check the software installation at least 48 hours prior to class usage to ensure that the software is working as expected. In-depth knowledge of the software is beyond the scope of the installation, therefore, only the basic functions will be checked (program opens, able to save a file & printing capabilities).

  • We will make every attempt to accommodate departmental software requests that meet the above requirements within 45 days. In rare cases, requested software cannot be made safely operational with reasonable effort. We reserve the right to postpone or deny requests that cannot be completed with reasonable effort.
  • A departmental contact person should be specified for each installation request. Most likely, we will not be familiar with the requested application and will rely on the departmental contact person for assistance with testing the application's functionality.
  • Departmental software is generally not supported. Departments should be prepared to provide documentation and support to users, and to troubleshoot functional problems with the software. We can assist the department in troubleshooting, but the primary software support should come from the department.
  • Departments providing software to be installed in the Computing Labs should periodically review the need and utilization of the applications. If an application is no longer used, it is the responsibility of the department to notify us of the change in status so we may remove the software.

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