Directory Tutorial

Updating Directory Information?

  • To make changes to an office location please email
  • To make name changes please contact the Office of Human Resources at (956) 665-2551.
  • To make changes to phone numbers please use the instructions below.

Updating Phone Numbers:

  • Go to
  • Type in your username and password

  • Click on the button labeled "Oracle 24/7"

  • Navigate toward the area labeled "Update Functions" and click the link labeled "Personal Information"

  • Navigate toward the area labeled "Phone Numbers" and click the "Update" button on the far right

  • Work Phone Number is the Main phone number for the UTPA department where employee works
  • Work Secondary Number is the Desk / Office UTPA Phone number for employee
  • Work Fax is the Fax phone number for UTPA department where employee works
  • Once you have made the corrections click on the button labeled "Next" on the far right

  • Review the changes and click the button labeled "Submit"

  • That's it! You can either close the window or click on the link labeled "Logout"
  • The Directory will reflect your changes the next morning.