9764-AVID Academic Reading Part 1 - Professional Development Opportunity
Posted for Student Affairs by Cynthia Valdez on Feb, 11 2014
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Academic Reading Part 1(90 minutes): AVID’s approach to academic reading provides faculty with common-sense and research-based strategies designed to help students understand the process and read more effectively. Skills such as “reading with purpose" can be scaffolded with more complex activities to ensure that students are connecting reading material to prior knowledge, understanding the structure of texts, and using text-processing strategies during and after reading to enhance comprehension. This session is appropriate for all faculty and instructors who need students to engage with texts and supplemental reading materials.

Date: February 26, 2014

Three sessions will be offered, attend only one as the content is the same.
8:30-10:00 – Session 1
10:30- 12:00 – Session 2
2:00-3:30- Session 3

Location: UTPA Community Engagement and Student Success Building (CESS) Room 1.1171407 E. Freddy Gonzalez Dr., Edinburg, TX

Size: The training will be made available to all faculty, staff, tutors, and select mentor groups that work directly with students. We will cap each session at 30 participants.

Registration: Register via the UTPA Training Portal and select "AVID Academic Reading Part 1"

Contact: Cindy Valdez at or 665-7517 with any questions.