9593-Research Assistant Training on Data Input and Pre-screening
Posted for Academic Affairs by Xiaohui Wang on Dec, 11 2013
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The Statistical Consulting Center will offer a series of trainings that will prepare future Student Research Assistants. The tentative trainings are listed below.

1. Live with Data: RA Training #1 -- Data Input & Pre-processing
2. Live with Data: RA Training #2 -- Data Preparation and Exploratory Data Analysis
3. Live with Data: RA Training #3 -- Basic Statistical Analysis
4. Live with Data: RA Training #4 – Literature Search and Reporting Data Analysis Results

The first Training is coming up!!

Title: Live with Data: RA Training Module #1 -- Data Input & Pre-processing

Date/Time: Friday, Dec 13, 1-3pm

Location: MAGC 2.202

Instructor: Dr. Xiaohui Wang, Director of Statistical Consulting Center, Associate Professor

Topics: The Training will cover

· Introduction to Excel
· Hands-on data input from scratch (data are usually from survey questionnaires);
· Get organized with data files
· Introduction to R and SPSS
· Potential pre-processing procedures
· What a good and responsible RA will do?


· Basic understanding of statistics, i.e. at least one introduction level statistics course, and
· Strong desire to conduct research that utilizes quantitative data analysis.

Registration (Required):

Fee: UTPA Student $20 (either from your own pocket, or from a sponsoring faculty/project); Other (Faculty, Staff etc.) $30

Your gain in addition to the knowledge and skills: The attendees will be awarded a SCC RA Training Passport. Students who finish the series of trainings (i.e. carries the Passport with all four trainings’ stamps) will have the following advantages:

· will be input into the Student Research Assistant Repository that is initiated and maintained by SCC;

· will be recommended to faculty for RA position; and

· will be more likely to be hired as Student Research Assistant campus wide.