9524-World Wildlife Symposium - Global Threats and Local Actions
Posted for Student Organizations by Lynn Vincentnathan on Nov, 12 2013
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The Environmental Awareness Club is hosting:

The World Wildlife Fund Fuller Symposium on
Global Threats and Local Actions

Wed, Nov 13th, 9 am - 4 pm
Mesquite Room in the Student Union

Come at you convenience for a half hour or the whole symposium
A vegetarian lunch & snacks will be provided

Session One:  9:15 am - Global Threats & Local Actions
Session Two:  11:10 am - The Science of Community Interventions
Session Three:  1:40 pm - Innovations & Advances
Session Four:  3:35 pm - Solutions at Scale

Contact Katie Lavallee for further information or to request special accommodations or call 609-254-1737