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Posted for Academic Affairs by on Nov, 11 2013
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Fair Use & Copyright on Campus ... What CAN we do?

Date: Thursday, November 14, 2013
Time: 12 to 1 pm
Location: Library, Classroom #1

Attend this workshop to get answers to your nagging questions and dispel the top myths about copyright.

  • Can I stream this film on Blackboard?
  • Can I give my students copies of my journal article?
  • If it's for educational purposes, then it is fair use ... right?

If you use articles, books, films, music, or images when you teach, you will encounter copyright issues, since much of the intellectual material we use in education is protected by copyright. "Fair Use and Copyright on Campus" provides basic information on copyright and educational exemptions that can help you navigate these issues as you encounter them in your work.

While focused on instruction, this workshop is useful for all university staff who may be faced with copyrighted material in the course of thier daily work.

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