Posted for Business Affairs by Linda Helgeson on Jul, 17 2013
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Effective July 17, 2013    
Employees with a nine-month basis appointment may be eligible to elect a salary spread so that payments are distributed over 12 months.  Previously, faculty members were required to make a positive election in Oracle Employee Self-Service to have their 9-month salary spread over 12 months.
If you have elected this payroll option, this election will remain in effect until a cancellation request is received by Human Resources or until the employee becomes ineligible.   If you wish to continue being paid over 12 months, you are not required to take any further action.   If you did not make this election last year and now wish to do so, you MUST positively elect to be paid over 12 months through Oracle Employee Self-Service, (see below for additional instructions). Election must be completed prior to August 31, 2013 to be in effect on September 1, 2013.  
If, for any reason, you elected this 12-month payroll option and later wish to change it back to 9 months, please contact Human Resources prior to August 31, 2013. 
State of Texas retirees are not eligible to participate. 
Faculty hired on a one year appointment are not eligible to spread their salary over 12 months.  
Faculty paid over 9 months will have a double deduction for benefits for the months of November, February, and May to pay for benefits for June, July and August if their employment will continue the following year.    Changes in status that will result in the cancellation of salary spread, a settlement of reserved amounts, and termination of benefits include separation, retirement, or death.   
If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources, 665-2451 or by e-mail,  
How to Elect Faculty Spread
To select your salary distribution, please follow the steps outlined below:
1.      Login to Oracle the same way you log in to record time card information. 
2.      Navigate to “UTPA Employee Self Service.”  
3.      Select “Faculty Salary Spread Election” under the heading “Update Functions.” 
4.      Review the information on screen that opens, then click “Add” to select your salary distribution for FY 14.  
5.      Enter ‘9x12’and then click “Apply.”  
6.      Click “Next” on the following screen.  
7.      Review information display and click “Submit” to confirm.  
8.      Exit Oracle by closing the window or by clicking on “Logout.” 
You can review this information at any time through Oracle UTPA Employee Self-Service.