8953-Student Statistics Research Project Poster Competition
Posted for Academic Affairs by Xiaohui Wang on May, 10 2013
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Student Statistics Related Research Project Poster Competition

Sponsored by Interdisciplinary Statistics Club, Statistical Consulting Center

May 10, 2013, 8am-10am

Who: UTPA undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to participate.

Location: MAGC 2.412 (C-STEM).

Poster Size and Format Request:

· Size is about 36” by 36”,

· Format: have a title, followed by the student name(s), department/college information, and faculty advisor name and affiliation.

Project and Poster Requests:

The project is a research project that uses statistical procedures, such as descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing procedures, etc.

Specifically, the poster should include:

· Research goal(s) and/or question(s) are clear and properly stated.

· Brief but informative description on data that used for research.

· Use proper statistical procedures to address research questions.

· Arrive at correct results.

· Proper interpretations are provided for analysis results.

In addition, judges will give points based on the following considerations:

· Research topic is from an interesting real world problem.

· Poster presentation is in nice scientific presentation format.

· The presenter knows project and knowledge details and can explain or communicate well with people.

· The presenter did a through literature review.