8890-Did You Know?: April 19 is Campus Day of Action for Immigration Reform
Posted for Student Affairs by Rebecca Gadson on Apr, 16 2013
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In March 2013, the presidents of Cornell University, Arizona State University, and Miami Dade College wrote an open letter to over 1,200 of their fellow education leaders calling on them to stand together on April 19 and address the issue of immigration reform by speaking out on their respective campuses. The Dream is Now (click on link to view) is a new 30-minute documentary that's being made in real time, as this debate is unfolding, by Academy Award-winning director, Davis Guggenheim (Waiting for 'Superman', An Inconvenient Truth). Dream gives voice to and puts a human face on the undocumented children of immigrants who are desperate to earn their citizenship and give back to the only country they've ever called "home." The film also goes beyond the personal. It places these stories in a larger context and explores the consequences of continuing our current policies and maintaining the status quo – consequences not just for these young people today, but for our country's future. Both moving and thought-provoking, The Dream is Now brings this pressing issue to America's attention, where we can all debate, discuss, and decide for ourselves what is right, what is fair, and what is best for our nation.