8815-IRB has gone completely electronic!
Posted for Academic Affairs by Glorimar Colon on Apr, 01 2013
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The IRB would like to announce some changes to the application submission process to make the approval process efficient.
We have gone completely electronic!  

Please visit the new IRB website for the application, templates, and electronic submission forms. All IRB applications should be submitted to   Please plan ahead, the IRB process can take up to 4 weeks. This time can be significantly reduced if you ensure that the application you submit for review and approval is complete. In order to ensure a complete IRB packet and ensure a prompt approval, please include all appropriate documents (see IRB Application Requirements on the IRB Website).
Continuing Reviews can now be electronically submitted on the IRB Website. Researchers will be able to access the continuing review form online, and will be able to submit the completed/signed form through an electronic submission form.  A reminder will be sent to the researchers via outlook when their study is coming due for continuing review. It will be the PIs’ responsibility to submit the continuing review form and support documents to the IRB on time. Expiration dates can be located at the top of your consent forms as well as the Memo of Approval.  

Modification requests can also be electronically submitted on the IRB Website through an electronic submission form.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the IRB at