8712-Clinical Lab Sciences Program
Posted for Academic Affairs by on Mar, 05 2013
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      Do you like biology and chemistry?  Are you interested in a career in the medical field?  Clinical Laboratory Science may be a great career choice for you!  Graduates are currently in high demand across the nation.  The application deadline for the fall semester is March 31 and graduates must complete all prerequisite courses prior to the start of the program.  There is only one class admitted each year so it is important that you contact an advisor to make sure that you register for the right courses to meet the admission requirements.   

    Need financial assistance?  You may qualify for up to $15,000 per year in SDS scholarship money.  The Clinical Laboratory Science Program was recently awarded a federal grant of $1.3 million over the next four years to assist students financially while they are enrolled in the clinical laboratory science.   

    What is clinical laboratory science? Clinical laboratory science combines the rewards and challenges of both medicine and science.  It also serves as excellent preparation for masters level programs such as the physician assistant program. 
     For more information contact: Clinical Laboratory Science Program HSHW 2.206 Telephone: 956/665-5269 Fax: 956/665-5253
Web site:  

     What career options are available to graduates? Clinical laboratory scientists work in hospital laboratories, physician office labs, pharmaceutical companies and forensic laboratories.  Demand for clinical laboratory scientists is high.      
According to a US Department of Labor, May, 2006 survey, the mean nationwide salary for clinical laboratory scientists was $50,550 per year.   
    What kind of class preparation do I need to get into this program?  
The prerequisites include the University‚Äôs general education core requirements plus 12 additional hours  in biology, a microbiology course and 12 hours in chemistry.