8669-Getting Help in Preparing for Exams and Projects
Posted for Academic Affairs by Rebekah Hamilton on Feb, 22 2013
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The University Writing Center now includes tutors who are specially trained to assist your students with their reading and critical thinking skills, including exam and project planning and preparation.

Our tutors are specialists in academic reading and thinking strategies.  They can help your students organize their lecture notes, condense and summarize long chapters, and think critically about projects and exam preparation.

The University Writing Center is now located in the Academic Services Building (ACSB), room 2.130.  Our critical reading and thinking tutors are here Monday-Thursday, 8:30-5:00 and Friday, 8:30-1:00.

Please remind your students to bring their books, class notes, and any assignments with which they need assistance.  Tutors will not do your students' work for them, but they can help your students significantly improve their class performance.

Students will benefit most if they come for help early and often. 

Note:  The University Writing Center will not have tutors available during Spring Break.