8455-Fiesta Marathon Volunteers
Posted for Student Affairs by Colette Cabot on Dec, 04 2012
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The Annual Fiesta Marathon is taking place on Sunday December 16th in McAllen (starting at the convention center).  The WRSC is looking to round up volunteers to help the city run this event.  If interested please contact the WRSC at 665-7808 or e-mail  Please indicate if you will require special accommodations.

Volunteers will be needed for water stations, finish line, directional, and more.  A volunteer meeting will be set up the week of December 10th to review roles and responsibilities.  Specific times to be present will also be discussed (note that this is a morning race). 

Before signing up to volunteer note that when you volunteer it is expected that you will be there to perform your role and responsibilities.  It is important that you follow through with your committment as failing to committ jepordizes the entire race, makes the vounteer and unversity look bad, and adds trememdous stress to organizers of the race.  Please think before you commit.