8415-WRSC G-FIT: Muscle Sculpt
Posted for Student Affairs by Colette Cabot on Feb, 18 2013
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The WRSC G-FIT: Muscle Sculpt module teaches participants how to effectively instruct fun, safe, and effective muscular conditioning classes. Class will be taught via lecture and include hands on experience and practice. Participants should expect to learn how to cue, music utilization, development of choreography and class design, training effects, modifications / progressions, safety precautions and presenting skills. This module is designed for the new and/or inexperienced instructor.

Saturday, March 2nd  
9:00am - 2:00pm   $5.00
WRSC Members / $10.00 Non-members.  
Register at the WRSC Member Services Desk. 

For more information or special accommodations please contact the WRSC at 665-7808.