8208-HPC: Bring Your Own Code, Data, and Questions Workshop
Posted for Information Technology by on Oct, 08 2012
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Bring Your Own Code, Data, and Questions Workshop

Hosted by UT Brownsville and TACC

October 12, 2012

WHO? For researchers, faculty, graduate and undergrad students conducting scientific computational research in any field.

WHAT? Learn about the HPC and data resources, Lonestar and Corral, uniquely available to all UT System researchers through the UT Research Cyberinfrastructure (UTRC) Project.

For more info about UTRC, see

WHY? Learn how to:

* Log in to the systems
* Use compilers and software
* Import code
* Transfer data

An intro to UTRC and TACC will be presented at 10am. Reservations for 1- hour, one-on-one assistance are available from 11am to 4pm.

HOW? Register online for this workshop at

TACC provides the computational user community access to petascale computing systems, remote and collaborative visualization resources, a data applications facility and a petascale data archive.  The cluster computing facilities at the TACC are free to UTPA researchers.

Lonestar is a fully integrated advanced computing system on which UT System researchers can compute, store, analyze, generate, process, and visualize large amounts of data simply all in one place with a single user account.

Corral, which is built on a high-performance parallel file system, supports MySQL and Postgres databases, web-based access, and other network protocols for storage and retrieval of data on HPC systems, visualization laboratories, and remote user instruments and facilities.

Researchers at UTPA who are interested in large scale computing are encouraged to contact your local TACC liaison at UTPA, Graham Toal, from the Office of Faculty & Research Support on ext 7161 or by email to