8186-Way-Finding - Installation of Signs
Posted for Business Affairs by Melissa Sandoval on Oct, 02 2012
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Date: Monday, October 1, 2012

To: UTPA Community

From: University Police Department

Parking Services

Subject: Changes to Parking Lot Signs


As part of our University’s initiative to improve campus signage, installation of the New Way Finding Program is underway. Soon “new signs” will be in place throughout the campus parking lots. During this installation, these new signs will need to be “disregarded” until the project is complete and new maps have been distributed. In the meantime, please continue to identify the parking lots using the names and Zones that are marked on the current aluminum signs that are mounted on aluminum poles at each parking lot entrance.

Once all the new signs are installed and existing aluminum signs are updated where needed, an updated campus parking map will be sent to everyone. The new parking map is expected to be available in the early part of Spring 2013; the map will also illustrate the new parking lot names to match what’s on the new signs.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as this project moves along in order to improve the appearance of our University.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Parking Services at 956-665-2738.