8136-CSBS 7th Annual Research Conference (ARC): Call for Proposals
Posted for Academic Affairs by Jessica Lavariega-Monforti on Sep, 20 2012
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College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
7th Annual Research Conference (ARC) at UTPA
Edinburg, Texas
April 11-13, 2013  

Call for Proposals  
Educating Our Communities: The Science, Politics, & Pedagogy of Education in a Changing World  

The CSBS 7th Annual Research Conference (ARC) in Edinburg, Texas will feature cutting edge research on issues in education, in its broadest sense, through panel sessions, undergraduate and graduate student research posters, and workshops.   We seek poster, paper, panel, and roundtable proposals that will be informative and relevant, informed by theory and research, encourage opportunities for learner engagement, and/or demonstrate application to the work of participants. Undergraduate and graduate students are invited to submit poster, paper, panel, and/or roundtable proposals. Faculty and community members are invited to submit paper, panel, and/or roundtable proposals.     Research topics could include, but are not limited to, examining academic outcomes as they relate to context, culture, family relationships, individual characteristics, practices, and policy or developed educational outreach programs,  issues related to health literacy, and building community knowledge of environmental conservation, food selection, political policies, and many other public health and educational programs.   The concept of educating communities can be described from multiple perspectives and encompasses an array of research areas. In a more traditional sense, researchers can examine factors that influence academic success in elementary through graduate education settings. Further, educating communities can encompass the process of communicating information to community members as well as community members sharing information. Utilizing these descriptions of educating communities will enable us to address critical issues that have a national and local appeal. What can social science research tell us about the existing knowledge within our communities and what new knowledge can we uncover that will help us successfully face the challenges of the dynamic, global context in which we find ourselves?  The7th Annual CSBS Research Conference engages social science theories and methodologies to provide frameworks for analyzing, discussing, and proposing solutions to the wide-range of issues confronting social, psychological, political, and cultural issues we confront and embrace as we educate our communities.    The conference is open to students, faculty/staff, and the public. Submit proposals by February 4, 2013 online (click here).

In your proposal you will be asked to include the type of presentation, title, an abstract of 150-175 words, your full contact information and that of any co-authors, and any audiovisual requests.  Proposals and presentations may be in English or Spanish.  

Students (UTPA and non-UTPA) and UTPA faculty/staff can pre-register here.  

Questions? Contact the Conference Chair, Jessica Lavariega Monforti at (Please type “7th ARC” in the Subject line.)