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Dating/Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Support Groups
From: Academic Affairs | College of Arts and Humanities Deans Office
Dating/Domestic Violence&Sexual Assault Support ...

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Employee Educational Benefit Program-Summer I 2015
From: Business Affairs | Human Resources


Cohort XXIII Graduation Banquet and Apply Now to UTPASC for fall 2015
From: Academic Affairs | UTPA at Starr County
The University of Texas Pan-American at Starr County Campus publishes the Rising Starr Newsletter for faculty, staff and the community. Cohort XXIII’s banquet is featured on the front page with special thanks to Kristopher A. Gallardo for his guitar performance. Roger Garcia, MPA brings new teaching ideas to the classroom. Article features Adriana Zarazua and Dr. John Jauregui from South Texas College in Starr County. UTPA at Starr County Campus is currently ...


Walking- UT System Physical Activity Challenge
From: Student Affairs | Wellness and Recreational Sports
 All groups will meet at the given time.  The direction of the walk is unknown and determined by the team leader. If you want to participate, but might be late, please contact the team leader so they can give you direction on where the group will be headed.  This group is open to the public (you do not need to be registered in the challenge to participate).Monday: 1:30pm. Meeting location: UTPA Flag PoleTeam Leaders:Noelynn ...


2015 UT System PAC Participants: Don't forget to log your steps!!!
From: Business Affairs | Human Resources
2015 UT System Physical Activity Challenge Participants-Don''t forget to log in your steps to receive your special reward incentives. See flyer below for login deadlines. Last day to log in will be May 18th.Contact Human Resources at 665-5025 with any questions, comments or ...


Update: New Student Organization Enrollment Period
From: Student Affairs | Student Involvement
New Organization Enrollment Period.pdfGreetings Broncs,   As of December 11, 2014, the Committee on Student Organizations has implemented an enrollment period to request temporary permission to form a new organization with the Office for Student Involvement.   As of Wednesday, April 15th, the Office for Student Involvement ...

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