Division of the President

Havidán Rodríguez, Ph.D. 956-665-2100 UTPA Ad Interim President, Office of the President
Lisa Cardoza 956-665-2129 Chief of Staff and Governmental Relations Officer, Office of the President
Terence Thompson 956-665-2100 Chief Legal Officer, Office of the President
S.J. Sethi, Ph.D. 956-665-2383 Executive Director, Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness
Wilson Ballard 956-665-2652 Director of Compliance Support Svcs /Compliance
Alicia Morley 956-665-2100 Director of The Office of Institutional Equity
Christopher King 956-665-2221 Director, Athletics

Division of Academic Affairs

Cynthia J. Brown, Ph.D. 956-665-2111 Ad Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Jonikka Charlton, Ph.D. 956-665-7919 Interim Vice Provost for UG Education and Dean of University College
Dave Jackson, Ph.D. 956-665-3661 Interim Vice Provost for Graduate Studies, Academic Centers and Continuing Education
Sadiq Shah, Ph.D. 956-665-3204 Vice Provost for Research and Sponsored Projects
Ala Qubbaj, Ph.D. 956-665-7899 Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
Kenneth Buckman, Ph.D. 956-665-3461 Associate Provost for Student Engagement and Experiential Learning
Dahlia Guerra, D.M.A. 956-665-2175 Dean, College of Arts and Humanities
Teofilo Ozuna, Ph.D. 956-665-3311 Dean, College of Business Administration
Laura Saenz, Ph.D. 956-665-2530 Interim Dean, College of Education
John Ronnau, Ph.D. 956-665-2291 Dean, College of Health Sciences and Human Services
Miguel A. Gonzales, Ph.D. 956-665-3510 Dean, College of Engineering and Computer Science
Mohammed Farooqui, Ph.D. 956-665-2404 Interim Dean, College of Science and Mathematics
Walter Diaz, Ph.D. 956-665-3551 Dean, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Farzaneh Razzaghi, Ph.D. 956-665-2755 Dean, University Library
Edgar Gonzalez 956-665-5326 Director, Center for Learning, Teaching and Technology
Nina Young   956-665-2111 Assistant Provost for Academic Administration

Division of Business Affairs

Martin V. Baylor 956-665-2121 Vice President for Business Affairs
Joe Voje 956-665-7823 Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Information Security
Esequiel 'Zeke' Granado Jr. 956-665-2701 Associate Vice President / Comptroller
Daniel Gutierrez 956-665-2451 Assistant Vice President / Director of Human Resources
J. C. Gonzalez 956-665-2121 Assistant Vice President / Budget Director
Mark Saenz 956-665-2121 Executive Director/Business Services
Richard Costello 956-665-3690 Director, Environmental Health and Safety
Alex Valdez 956-665-7105 Director, Procurement Management
James Loya 956-665-2727 Interim Chief, Police
Oscar Villarreal 956-665-2770 Director, Facilities Management
George Bennack 956-665-7544 Director for Business and Rural Development
Jessica Salinas 956-665-3361 Director for University Events
Marianella Franklin 956-665-2121 Manager, Sustainability Office

Division of Information Technology

Jeffrey A. Graham, Ph.D. 956-665-7150 Vice President for Information Technology
Frank Zecca 956-665-5078 Executive Director, IT Services
Anne Toal 956-665-2014 Technology Assessment Officer
Esther Dominguez 956-665-7225 Project Manager
Kumar Raman 956-665-3300 Director, Internet Services
Omar Cantu 956-665-2356 Director, IT Support
Rick Riojas 956-665-2568 Director, Information Systems Development
Janie Palacios 956-665-3659 Director, Computing Application Services
Joe Hinojosa  956-665-7165 Director, Data Center Services
Jesus Rios 956-665-3300 Director, Network Services

Division of Student Affairs

Michelle Alvarado 956-665-2190 Assistant Vice President
Magdalena Hinojosa, Ed.D. 956-665-2859 Senior Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services
Cynthia Valdez 956-665-2592 Associate Vice President for Student Support Services
Mari Fuentes-Martin, Ed.D. 956-665-2260 Associate Vice President & Dean of Students.
Elaine Rivera 956-665-5372 Executive Director, Student Financial Services
Richard Treviño 956-665-2585 Executive Director, Student Support Services
Jeffrey Rhodes, Ed.D. 956-665-2209 University Registrar
Mary Hodge, Ed.D. 956-665-7570 Director, High School to University Programs & Testing Services
Debbie Gilchrist 956-665-2926 Director, New Student & Visitor Services
Lourdes Servantes 956-665-2243 Director, Career Services
Griselda Castilla 956-665-7335 Director, Undergraduate Recruitment
Elias Ozuna 956-665-2508 Director, Financial Aid Programs & Information Systems
Barbara Garza 956-665-7597 Director, Office of P-16 Initiatives
Edna Zambrano-Martinez 956-665-2260 Associate Dean of Students
Rebecca Gadson 956-665-2660 Assistant Dean of Students
Mari Morin 956-665-5375 Assistant Dean of Students
Eugenia Curet 956-665-2574 Assistant Dean of Students
Delma Olivarez 956-665-2260 Assistant to the Dean of Students

Division of University Advancement

Lydia Aleman 956-665-5301 Interim Vice President, University Advancement
Kimberly Selber, Ph.D. 956-665-8918 Associate Vice President, University Marketing and Communications
Vacant 956-665-2741 Director, Public Affairs
Clara Dina Hinojosa 956-665-2500 Interim Director, Alumni Relations
Velinda Reyes 956-665-5301 Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations
Cecilia A. Johnson 956-665-5301 Director, Planned Giving
Yvette C. Padilla 956-665-5301 Director, Stewardship and Annual Giving
Mark Lacy 956-665-5301 Director, Prospect Management and Data Integrity